We say hell yes!

Linkedin is the top social media platform for all your branding needs, and by that we mean all of them! Whether it is your own personal brand that you want to build or your business’s, for content marketing, lead generation, media advertising, networking and building business relationships, there is no space with more powerful a presence than Linkedin.

Here’s the thing. All social media platforms have potential and there are definitely some where you will find even more engagement than on Linkedin. They all come with their own benefits and disadvantages. But for business entrepreneurs and professionals that want to form B2B connections and get their brands recognized, Linkedin wins the raffle.



With 722 million users worldwide, 40% of which access it daily, Linkedin offers unlimited possibilities for strategic branding decisions that drive the most relevant and rewarding connections right into your arms.

Let us walk you through 5 ways in which Linkedin can help build your brand –

Push your brand to the top of search results

Better search visibility, as is widely known, can help enhance the chances of success for your online branding strategy whether it is through digital marketing or organic lead generation. And just like your websites and blogs, Linkedin presents an answer to your search engine optimization worries.

You can attract business prospects and like-minded people to connect with your brand on Linkedin through a variety of ways:

1. Keywords: The first thing you need to keep in mind when laying out your Linkedin profile is the use of relevant keywords. Keywords are words that lead potential customers to your page through search queries. The more targeted your keywords and phrases, the more chances there are that customers will land on your page. You can sprinkle keywords throughout your Linkedin page, in posts, about, or overview and give your customers a clear link to your story and the service you provide.

2. Backlinks: Backlinks are essential for building credibility for your page. Plus, the more number of backlinks you get, the higher you will rank in such results. If you have a personal website, don’t forget to provide relevant links to your Linkedin page. Also make sure that anytime your business is mentioned in a marketing campaign, an employee’s Linkedin profile or in an offsite article it is linked to your page.

3. Content: Use Linkedin’s many options to post relevant content, frequently. You can use posts, images, videos, blogs, or published articles for your followers to engage with. Higher frequency of relevant posts will eventually transform into a higher rank in search result ratings.

Sharing incidents, information and insights

The 3 Is of content creation can help your business or personal brand get that viral brand enhancement that usually comes through paid marketing options.

Rich content gets a lot of clout on Linkedin. If you post regularly and users like the kind of content you post they can bookmark your profiles and you will turn up on priority in their daily feeds. Users on Linkedin are also not stingy when it comes to sharing content and if they like it, they will pass it on, leading to guaranteed expansion of your brand reach.

You can post whatever you want (as long as it complies with their publishing platform guidelines, of course), whenever you want and as much as you want, unrestricted and unlimited. You will get open access to potential clients and industry influencers with a singular effort, which will put you in the limelight at the broadcasting end for hundreds, if not thousands, of keen users.

Get those leads right where you want them

Lead generation is the biggest aim of all businesses. Whether you have a small business or large, whether your personal social media presence is limited or expansive, you need to get those leads and you need to get them to convert.



For business entrepreneurs who are dissatisfied with their digital marketing results and are looking for alternative tools to email marketing and inorganic banner ads, Linkedin is a treasure trove. It is a recognized website for both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) targeting with 97% B2B marketers preferring to use Linkedin for content marketing.

Utilise Linkedin as a networking platform and see your visitor-to-lead conversion rates and cost per (lead) acquisition rate improve by a significant margin.

The launchpad you didn’t know you needed

Linkedin is an ideal partner if you want to disseminate information about latest products or promote them prior to launch. Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit from the networks, connections and interactions that Linkedin opens the doors to. Imagine a constantly filled auditorium seating bloggers, consumers, media and influencers, all within the domain of a single platform.

Your product launch need no longer be dependent on the half reliability of mediums like e-mail marketing, press releases and banner ads. More and more businesses are embracing Linkedin product launches in comparison to Facebook and Twitter, even though the two are richer in engagement and population than Linkedin.

A pool of talented people, right under your nose

For businesses looking to expand and solopreneurs looking for partners, Linkedin provides many options to meet or hire talented people from all fields. Linkedin’s quality reach and the vast number of professionals on the platform ensure that you connect with the person you need, either through your immediate connections, through discusiions groups, In Mail, or a general talent search.

There is a slew of qualified candidates and Linkedin’s latest features enable you to set skills, job descriptions, manner of application and the size of your budget so you can find the cream of the talent pool with easy precision, a task made much more effective with Linkedin’s central networking capabilities.

With all these reasons, we’ll leave it to you to decide ‘Is Linkedin really that important for your brand?’