Now that I have your attention, let's help you get a reality check. So you’re a senior-level executive in a multinational- a company that you’re proud to be working for. Or maybe you’ve dedicated your life to building a brand for your start-up which is ‘YOUR BRAIN CHILD’. Your company is among the top corporates in your industry, however, people still don’t know ‘YOU’. You are defined by the company you work for or the post that you hold in that company. You’ve dedicated your life working for your company, but what about your personal brand? What’s the point of brainstorming if you have used a ton of ideas to help your company grow, but you haven’t leveraged them to establish yourself as the thought leader in that very domain. I come across brilliant professionals every day who have contributed groundbreaking ideas for their companies, however, they are not recognized as thought leaders in their own industries. Even people who take to social media to start establishing themselves in the industry, do not really know how to harness their knowledge in creating their brand. As a result, they start posting Good Morning messages, or sharing motivational quotes without really getting their ideas out on public platforms. Your Personal Brand is not only important for you as an individual, but also for your companies and your projects. A study by Impact Learning Center showed how 82% of the consumers are more likely to trust a brand with a credible face behind it. Despite that, however, only one out of five CEOs actually work on building their brand. Apart from helping your company sell its products better, here is how Personal Branding is beneficial for you:

1.      They help you in getting better job opportunities

To those who are ambitious enough, the sky is the limit. You may be the CEO of a multinational, but you still want more from life. More challenges, better opportunities, and of course, higher monetary compensation. Building your personal brand puts you on the radar, and helps companies find you, with better opportunities.

2.      It helps build raise capital for your company

If you’re as big of a fan of the TV series ‘Pitchers’ as me, you’d know how important the credibility of the face behind the company is for raising capital. In fact, investors invest in you, more than they invest in your idea. If your Personal Brand is big enough to sell your product to your consumers, you simply are a smart investment for the investor.

3.      It makes your product stand out

Even if you are selling something the market is saturated with, your product still stands out because of your personal brand. Neil Patel is a perfect example of selling your service through your personal brand. There is no shortage of digital marketing experts in the industry. There may be hundreds who are excellent at it, maybe even better than Neil Patel himself. However, whenever you think of the best to market your product (considering money is no bar), you’d think of Neil Patel. That is how powerful your personal brand is.

4.      Higher Media Coverage

You, as an individual, are more likely to be covered by the media than the company you work for. The audience loves stories- so you’ll find more articles on how a company was founded and the story behind it, rather than what the company does. Building your personal brand is going to get more traction for your company- something that you’ve been longing for. While your Personal Brand may be important, it is not easy to build it. There are hours of research involved, and getting your ideas out the right way can also be challenging for those who’re not used to writing much. However, the result of putting in the effort can be absolutely worth it.