Digital Marketing

All customers are audiences first, waiting in line for a good show!

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Right off the bat, let’s get one thing straight, you need digital marketing. Absolutely need it.

But why you need it? Well, that’s pretty simple too. Digital marketing is marketing done online. Like traditional marketing, its aim is to connect with potential customers and tell them about your brand and whatever it is that you are offering them. The difference being that it does all that through the internet – over emails, on social media, through websites, blogs, videos, pay-per-click advertising – you name it, and the internet’s got it.

Considering that most of the customers are online now, if not them all (as of 2020 there are 4.54 billion internet users around the world), we can think of no reason why you shouldn’t be online as well.

Now let’s get to why you should choose us:

  1. Digital marketing is a tricky art. You think you’ve got the knack of it but just as easily you can end up spending thousands on empty gestures. We take care your money does not go to waste by focusing markedly on lead generation.
  2. Our marketing campaigns are not one-size-fit-all. We design them exclusively keeping in mind the kind of product or service we are seeking to sell and the people that we are looking to sell them to. Niche marketing? We have you covered.
  3. Apart from marketing on conveniently tried and tested platforms like Facebook and Instagram we also integrate unconventional and unutilised platforms like Linkedin and Quora in our strategies. If there’s a demand, you can bet we are catering to it.
  4. The combined power of niche marketing and unconventional platforms means that the leads we generate are so hot, they are basically served on a silver platter. You don’t need to spend time trying to convert them.
  5. The most exciting part? All you need to do is focus on your product/service and we bring in the customers, the money, and (wink,wink) the fame.

Digital marketing is a great option for all kinds of businesses. Whether it’s your straight-out-of-university startup, family shops, or internationally recognised global corporations, you can use digital marketing to target the audience that you want all from the comfort of one place.

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Digital marketing is a multi-step, long term process that has several layers to it. There’s no single formula that works for every business, although the 8-9-10 step how to blogs would make you believe otherwise. For a digital marketing process that benefits you as a business as it does the audiences as consumers, we take a well-rounded route that we have perfected over many years of experience and experiments.

One. Define your niche. This step is at the top of the list for a reason. It’s not only the first but also the most important. Without it, we’re pretty much blind.

Two. Choose the channels. Depending on your niche, we select the channels we are going to prioritise. Between social media, Google Ads, websites, blogs, and emails, it’s a lot of heavy lifting. Luckily we have got the back for it.

Three. Make content. At the risk of sounding boastful, we’ll say we are brilliant at content. And while everyone’s obsession with SEO and keyword research is not misguided, it’s certainly excessively devoted. At The Unveiled Sagas, we focus first on relevant content which automatically includes sufficient and significant keywords and then simply wait and watch as all the pieces fall into place.

Four. Remarketing. Now this is where it gets interesting. Once you have posted the content created specifically for your products, you can begin to remarket i.e. catching the customers who came across your products, read the blog, viewed the website or even added the stuff they wanted to the cart, but did not make a purchase. Through remarketing via emails, carousel ads, recommended blogs, newsletters, you can seal in even the most stubborn of customers.

All kinds, sizes and manners of businesses. Period.